The Albany Model: A world-renowned, gold standard model of midwifery care

The Albany Midwifery Practice ran from 1997 to 2009 in Peckham, South East London, caring for an all-risk caseload of local women within the NHS. The unique model of midwifery care included continuity of carer with two named midwives and choice of place of birth. The midwives looked after over 2500 women with excellent outcomes, achieving a home birth rate of over 40% alongside a low perinatal mortality rate. Their contract with the local Healthcare Trust was terminated in December 2009, with the Trust citing ‘the safety record of the practice’ as the reason. However the Albany record has since been fully vindicated with the publication of an authoritative review in the  Midwifery Journal “Midwifery continuity of carer in an area of high socio-economic disadvantage in London: A retrospective analysis of Albany Midwifery Practice outcomes using routine data (1997–2009)”. For more details click here.

The aim of this website is to document the achievements of this model of care, to discuss why it came to an end, and to provide information, inspiration and support for others who would like to work in this way.