Feedback from women and midwives

Comments from Women

These came from women we looked after during the last year of the Practice, from the anonymous questionnaires we sent out after the births:

My midwives were exceptionally good, they made my birth a good experience and I could not thank them enough. They are all warm and friendly and made me feel important and taken care of.

I feel privileged to have had the Albany midwives care for me during my pregnancy. They were kind, supportive and informative. With this being my first pregnancy, I was totally unaware of so many things to do with pregnancy. However attending the groups was invaluable to me and I learned so much. I went into labour knowing exactly what to expect and felt confident, where before I was nervous and scared. The Albany midwives are the best!

My midwives were very supportive and nice and I was impressed with their loving side. I had a big support with them. I don’t have a word to describe them. I was very happy with them and always remember their care especially when I was in the theatre for my c section. I love them, thanks for everything.

Absolutely fantastic, all women should have this level of care.

With the attention and care I received from my midwives I would say that Albany Midwifery Practice are very good and human and I really appreciated everything from them.

Albany made my life so much easier during pregnancy and labour – I would recommend them to anyone. A fantastic and important group of midwives!

I would like to express my satisfaction about my two midwives. They are two wonderful people. They took good care of me beyond my imagination. I wish to have them as my midwives for any other babies in future! Thumbs up for them.

Albany midwives rock!

It was lovely to be with Albany midwives and a miracle to get them at my 8th month of pregnancy. I thought I was going to be with King’s midwives and I was a little scared, because everything with them was on a rush. I had the same feeling for the labour. So I was wishing to be with them. I am very pleased and thankful. Thank you so much.

I would like to thank the Albany Midwifery Practice because they are so wonderful, so good, so knowledgeable, supportive and kind. In fact these words are not enough but also ask for God’s blessings and strengths to attend to pregnancy women just like the way they attended to me.

I wish all the midwives in King’s will be taught how to be supportive and loving to pregnant women. With the Albany Midwifery they are outstanding and excellent.

Because my care was taken over by the Albany Midwives I was able to have the safe natural homebirth I’d dreamt of having. Had I been with any other team I would have had pressure to go into hospital to be induced and put on antibiotics. I am extremely grateful to the Albanys for giving me confidence and having confidence in me to trust my instincts and my body’s process.

The care I received from my midwives at Albany was outstanding. They were professional, caring and reassuring and I cannot praise them highly enough. All midwives should be like the Albany midwives as childbirth would be much better supported and women would benefit substantially.

I couldn’t have asked for a better Practice. It made my pregnancy very enjoyable if I can say that. I felt I was never alone and there was always someone who understood what I was going through. It was a very much needed supportive group.

Being with Albany was a massive blessing. Without you I honestly do not know how I might have coped with some aspects of pregnancy and I am sure I would have had a very different birth. It is a privilege to have midwives you know you can place your whole trust in. You provide an exceptional service. I was so lucky I can only hope if I ever do have another child that I would somehow be accepted by you again.

Sorry for saying yes to every question, but I have nothing but utmost praise for the Albany. Such a positive experience. I’d have another baby just so I could see my midwives again!

Since the birth of my second baby 8 years ago I used the Albany for my last baby. I find them very good and encouraging. I will recommend them to anybody I know pregnant because they make childbirth more interesting.

I wish my wonderful experience was not the talk amongst my friends as the perfect birth (though it does make me feel special) but the standard care for every pregnant woman.

Comments from  Student Midwives on Placement

We had student midwives on placement with us all year round. Here are some typical comments from their evaluations:

A short email to thank you all most sincerely for a wonderful week. Thank you for having me on placement and I only wish it could have been longer. My experience with you all was exactly as I imagined it should be, living up to and exceeding all expectations. It was fabulous to see and experience how and why your practice works and your love for your women was infectious.

I feel very inspired by my short time with you all. You are an amazing group of women who made me feel very welcome, nurtured and nourished. Thank you all and many thanks to the women. It was an honour and a privilege to be present at two births. I will take your inspiration back into my own practice and I hope to meet you all again in the future.

Best wishes and much love,


The placement allowed me to absorb how different approaches to women in their homes or in the clinics can directly impact on the experiences and sense of control and empowerment the women have. The midwives instilled both knowledge and confidence in the women they were caring for. Birth was natural and the birthing process was relaxed and powerful. Women felt strong and I learned how environment, the midwife- mother relationship and a true sense of trust in the skill of the midwives impacts on the type of birth experience women have. To see a home birth was the most amazing learning experience.

I’ve learned that midwifery does not have to be practiced only in hospitals. That birth really is a normal process and a midwife can empower and give confidence in women by building a trusting relationship, by educating women about their bodies, by the very fact that birth can happen at home, away from CTGs, machines and epidurals. Coming from Ireland where most birth takes place in hospital under consultant led care, this placement reaffirmed my belief that midwifery led care should be widely available for women and choices expanded.


I saw a homebirth on my first day, which made the whole week for me.
Also observed the relationships of midwives/mothers but also the support the midwives give each other.

I’ve learned to believe in normal birth – I am training in a very medicalised consultant led unit which is very frustrating. The midwives’ confidence in women shone through and I hope to remember this as I continue with my training. Also the importance of being supported by other midwives; they are all a very coherent team that work well together.
I sincerely hope one day to be able to practice caseload midwifery. I will keep the magical homebirth experience with me for the rest of my midwifery career and hope I can one day be as good as any of your team of wonderful midwives!
I can’t thank the midwives enough for all being so welcoming and friendly. The way they work with women is truly inspiring to me as a student and I would highly recommend this placement to anyone!
Thank you.

Just a few lines to let you know that I am thinking of you and to thank you all again for a wonderful uplifting experience that you gave me while I visited you. As the time moves on I value the experience even more. To be part of the Albany midwives for a few days and witness the wonderful caring and supportive way in which you all deliver true midwifery to all those women that are so lucky to cross paths with you was a great privilege. I know it will help develop my own practice in the future.

Keep doing what you’re doing, and inspiring so many as you go.

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