Antenatal and Postnatal Groups

And you’ve got loads of talks, antenatal talks which are happening …and I’m sure that’s why lots of people come and tell their birth stories, because of the personal contact and they want to express how the level of service has helped them. And they want to encourage other people by giving the same belief that they got from the midwives at the Albany Centre to other women in general.

We ran antenatal and postnatal groups on a weekly basis. There were two antenatal groups each week and one postnatal; one of the antenatal groups was for women only, the other was held in the evening and partners were welcome. The groups were free and open to all local women regardless of whether or not they were booked with the Practice. They were women-led, facilitated by a midwife but with no planned programme. Women could attend at any time and as often as they wished during their pregnancy. Learning took place through the sharing of concerns and experiences, and particularly through birth stories, as each new mother returned to the group with her baby to tell her own individual story.

We achieved national and international recognition for our innovative work in developing these client-led groups. (See Articles  for further details)